The Music of Swing Away


Music score for this lighthearted and empowering feature film which was shot on location in the island of Rhodes, Greece. The music incorporates many elements of greek island music and instrumentation and blends them with a more traditional cinematic score of piano, strings and stringed instruments to create a lively and exciting soundtrack. Directed by Michael Nickles. 2016.

Beneath the Olive Tree

This is a heart wrenching documentary focusing on the lives of women who managed to survive exile, heartbreak and torture during the Greek civil war that followed WWII. Their stories come alive from diaries written during their ordeal and recently discovered buried beneath an olive tree on the island of their exile. This very emotional soundtrack which also came out on CD form, reflects the tragedy and pain but also the power and amazing ability for hope and forgiveness exemplified by these women. Narrated by Olympia Doukakis and directed by Stavroula Toska. 2015.

The Music of Shutterbug

This is the first feature film directed by Minos Papas. It’s mystery noir, filmed guerrilla style in after-hours NYC and tells the story of a fashion photographer who loses his sight and goes searching for it in some pretty unusual places in the company of some pretty unusual guides. I created a dark edgy electronic score for this film using synthesizers created on Reaktor and electric guitars pushed to mutation in order to create an atmosphere of mystery and angst that almost feels lyrical and full of wonder at times. This score is also available on CD with additional music and extended versions of various tracks.

The Music of “Back to the Fatherland”

Music score for the documentary feature directed by Austrian director Kat Rohrer and Israeli director Gil Levanon. The film examines the lives of jewish survivors of the Holocaust from Austria now living in Israel, whose grandchildren wish to return back to Austria and Germany and pursue their lives, ambitions and relationships there. The score has a mideuropean sensibility based on piano, violin and accordion with elements of dreamy electronica. 2017.