Tao Zervas

Music Composer and Producer

Tao Zervas is a music composer and producer based in New York City. With over 20 years of experience in composing music for film and television, Tao brings a deep melodic sensibility to his craft infused with western and eastern music traditions as well as conceptual mixed media experimentation and a strong current of rock and electronic music.

New York City Film Composer

New York based film composer Tao Zervas has created number of scores for feature films, documentaries, shorts, web series, mixed media projects as well as written and produced music for TV and other commercial media. In addition Tao has composed and performed his music as a solo artist as well as with the bands Summer Suspiria and Soulpusher as the principal songwriter, producer and guitar player.

Scoring original music for dark, suspense driven projects such as "Switch: The Series", to emotionally intense films like “Beneath the Olive Tree”, to lighthearted features like “Swing Away", Tao utilizes his 30 years of experience in the New York music scene to provide any Film and TV based project the most immersive, transporting and professional score.

Tao believes passionately that the music score is of paramount importance to picture, therefore intuiting, anticipating and elevating the directors intention for their project is the film composer’s primary task. Tao has the inspiration, creativity and technical knowledge to accomplish just that.




Poetic God


"Switch" The series


The Supersensual Life